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VELUX Window Repair Guide

Danish window manufacturing company VELUX has become a leading provider of roof windows and skylights, with their products offering an attractive design that can flood a room with natural light.

As their windows and skylights are solely designed to sit on the roof of a home rather than being installed vertically, they are visually striking and one of the more unique types double glazing windows.

This also means VELUX roof windows mostly require sloped roofs to be installed, although they do offer some flat roof products as well. All their products are known for their versatility, being able to open at various angles depending on the style, and they also offer windows that feature specific functions.

While unquestionably high in quality VELUX windows are still susceptible to damage, be it superficial or structural, yet there are plenty of quality repair services out there that covers most types of VELUX repairs.

Finding VELUX Repair Specialists

Not every window repair company will be certified VELUX installers, meaning they do have the necessary certification to conduct effective repairs or replacements. Remember, these are roof windows and skylights, making them different from traditional double glazed windows!

Thankfully, there are countless certified installers up and down the country, so finding one nearby shouldn’t be difficult. You can either use the search engine on VELUX’s official website, or simply do a quick search online for VELUX repair services.

Any website featuring the VELUX certification will be qualified and able to complete most types of window repairs.

Replacement Glass for VELUX Windows

As with any window panes, the glass in VELUX windows are susceptible to damage, such has chips and cracks, which will probably require a replacement glass or some form of repair. These repairs are identical to any other form of double glazing glass repairs, either replacing the entire pane of glass or conducting repairs should the damage not be too serious.

Furthermore, you may want to upgrade the VELUX glass should it need replacing. There’s several variations of glass available, such as self-cleaning or toughened glass, meaning you could stand to benefit from needing VELUX window repairs done.

VELUX Spare Parts

VELUX windows are built to last, and for the most part they should be durable enough to last many years. However, sometimes parts of the window can get damaged which is why VELUX provides a wide range of spare parts for any necessary repairs.

Any certified VELUX installer will likely have these parts available or will be able to order them. VELUX believes these can be easily replaced at home, but it is recommended that you hire a professional to ensure the job is completed to the highest quality so that your windows are in no way compromised.

Whether its hinges, frames or frame coverings, headlocks, panes, a ventilation shaft or any other part of you VELUX window that requires repairs, finding a spare part for this should be simple enough.

You can easily determine your window type by looking for the type sign situated at the right top corner behind the ventilation shaft. It will have the type, size, variant and production code of your VELUX window, which you can provide to repair specialists to ensure you get the correct parts.