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UPVC Window Repair Guide

UPVC windows offer a fantastic range of benefits when installed into a home. They are among the most durable types of double glazing windows, capable of withstanding wear and tear from the elements as well as being highly durable against damage.

Additioinally, UPVC windows are very low-maintenance, requiring only the occasional clean, and there’s no need to worry about rotting or fading either. Add in the fact they offer exceptional insulation and virtually sound proof, it becomes clear how beneficial UPVC windows are for any home!

However, UPVC are not impervious to damage, so many still require effective UPVC window repair services!

UPVC Window Surface Repair

The need for UPVC surface repairs is quite common, and thankfully they are usually easy to perform and can be completed in no time at all. Surface repairs tend to come in two forms – cosmetic and structural.

Cosmetic repairs are straightforward as they are usually just scratches, chips and other forms of minor damage on the surface of UPVC windows. As this is merely effecting the aesthetics of the window, they are viewed as less serious and can easily be repaired using waxes to fill the damaged areas.

Structural damage meanwhile, is more significant as it tends to be larger chips, cracks, or holes effecting the windows. These can be repaired in a similar fashion to cosmetic repairs using waxes, although larger sections with significant damage may need new sections built up using resin material.

UPVC Window Functional Repair

AS the name implies, functional repairs are more signification as they impact the overall functionality of UPCV windows. This can relate to broken handles, hinges, or locks, as well as damage to the panes of glass.

Most of these components of UPVC windows can deteriorate over time, which is usually the main cause of the damage and the subsequent need for repairs. The repairs are still quite easy to perform, as most UPVC window repair specialists will have replacement parts on hand that are needed to conduct the repairs.

Misted UPVC Windows

UPCV windows that feature condensation within the two panes of glass is a sign that the windows require repairs. This occurs when the seal holding the panes in place fails, therefore letting in moisture that results in condensation in between the double glazing.

Unfortunately, it’s a more serious form of damage and needs to be repaired quickly. Thankfully, repairing misted UPVC windows isnt too difficult and will not require a full-scale replacement, with the glass and seal the only parts that need to be replaced.