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Sash Window Repair Guide

Sash windows can be found in buildings throughout the country, some of which are hundreds of years old. The popularity of sash windows can be credited to their aesthetically appealing design, which has a very traditional style to them.

Many sash windows were installed primarily with wooden frames and single panes of glass, although modern equivalents that use more robust materials are also hugely popular.

For instance, you can easily get slim UPVC double glazing sash windows that offer exceptional insulation, protection from noise pollution, and the ability to save on energy bills, while still providing a stylish design.

As with any type of window, sash windows will require repairs over time, especially those that utilise wooden materials for frames, but even UPVC sash windows will require repairs.

Timber Sash Window Repairs

Double glazed timber sash windows bring the best of both worlds, providing an attractive design for your windows whilst offering the added benefits of double glazing. However, they can often require more frequent repairs, due to the timber being susceptible to wear and tear.

Decay to the timber frame or sill can be easily repaired. For instance, sash window frames with signs of damage such as tears on the sill can be repaired without the need for a full replacement.

Tears and decay can also develop around joints of sash windows, usually around the corner sections of the window where each the wood joints meet. If tears develop here, water can penetrate inside and lead to further wood decay around the joints.

This may need a replacement, but it is just a case of replacing the joint sections rather than the entire wooden frame.

UPVC Sash Window Repairs

While the UPVC material used in this type of sash window is naturally more durable than timber, it doesn’t make it impervious to damage.

These are more akin to standard double glazing window repairs, usually relating to fittings on the sash window such as the handle, hinge, or vents.

For the most part these types of sash window repairs are relatively straightforward, with most repair specialists carrying the various parts that may be the cause of the problem, resulting in a quick replacement.

It could also be a result of a failed seal between the panes of glass, leading to drafts, leaks or even condensation. Misted sash windows will not require a full replacement for the window, rather just a small section replaced to restore the seal and prevent any air or moisture coming through.

Glass Damage

Regardless of what type of double glazed sash windows you have, one form of damage that will always require repairs is damage to the glass. If these go unnoticed, it can lead to more significant damage over the long term, resulting in more extensive repairs.

Most doubled glazed glass on sash windows can be repaired if the damage isnt too bad, although its more than easy to replace the panes of glass without causing damage to the remainder of the window frame.

Those with single glazed sash windows may even benefit from damaged glass, as it means they can upgrade into the much more efficient double glazing during their repairs!