Wednesday , September 20 2017

A Guide to Double Glazing Repair Services

There are many signs that your double glazing windows require repairs, some of which are more obvious than others. For instance, if a pane of glass is accidentally broken, it is very clear what the cause of the damage was and the need for the window to be repaired.

However, some double glazing repairs are more difficult to notice, and often people don’t even realise there is a need for repairs in the first place. For instance, mist or condensation build-ups inside of the panes is evidence that the windows have in fact failed and therefore require repairs.

Misted Window Repairs

Perhaps one of the most common forms of double glazing repairs, misted windows are a sign that the seal between each pane of glass that holds them together has failed. Seals can fail for several different reasons, ranging from low quality installation to the development of holes around the seals that allow moisture through.

Regardless of the cause, misted windows are unsightly and should be repaired as soon as possible. Thankfully these kind of double glazing repairs are relatively easy to complete, taking no more than a day to replace.

There’s no need to complete a full window replacement with misted windows, as it is only the glass unit that requires a replacement, and this doesn’t take long or cost anywhere need as much as a full replacement.

Cracked and Chipped Window Repairs

Another very common type of double glazed window repair is cracks and chips. These can occur when an object strikes the window pane and causes superficial damage, although some can break through the entire window.

Scratches can often be buffed out without the need to replace the pane, but any type of crack or deep chip will more than likely require replacement glass. It’s also worth noting that this type of damage could eventually lead to misted windows if gone unchecked, with will call for more significant double glazing repairs.

Draft Window Repairs

Windows that allow drafts to come indoors are another sign that double glazing repairs are needed. This can be caused by a broken seal on the windows or the surrounding frame, or in the case of sash windows it could be due to faulty hinges.

This may require a weather seal replacement or another form of doubled glazed window repair, and given how undesirable it is to have windows that allow drafts through, it’s highly recommended that you hire repair services to deal with the issue as soon as possible.